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Shyr Faux Mink - False Eyelashes - Spice

Shyr Faux Mink - False Eyelashes - Spice

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Spice lashes from Shyr Beauty’s Shylash range, your go-to choice for an effortlessly glamorous look. Crafted with real human hair, these faux mink eyelashes offer unparalleled softness and luxury, making them an absolute delight to wear.

Designed to mimic real mink eyelashes without using any animal-derived materials, Spice lashes provide a cruelty-free yet opulent experience. With a delicate thin band and feathery effect, these false eyelashes are incredibly lightweight, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Perfect for those who prefer a full glam look, Spice fake eyelashes deliver a dramatic flair that instantly elevates any eye makeup. Perfect for those who prefer a bold, dramatic look, Spice eyelashes offer a thicker and fuller appearance compared to the subtle elegance of Sugar.

Key Features:

  • Made with real human hair, these lashes are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Reusable eyelashes up to 30 times with proper care and maintenance.
  • Spice is a dramatic 3D lash, giving a natural look.
  • Has a thin band for comfortable wear all day long.
  • These vegan lashes are cruelty-free.

How to Apply False Eyelashes?

Step-by-step guide for applying Spice eyelashes:

  1. Prep natural lashes, ensuring they're clean.
  2. Trim Spice lashes to fit if necessary.
  3. Apply eyelash glue along the Spice lash band.
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  5. Position the Spice lash close to the natural lash line.
  6. Secure and adjust placement.
  7. Optional: Blend with mascara for a seamless look.
  8. Optional: Apply eyeliner for added definition.

Done! Flaunt your bold look confidently.

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