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Check out our Liquid Matte Lipstick shade, which has a stunning range in a single gorgeous picture. From vibrant reds to subtle nude, every shade offers a flawless matte finish and lasting durability. 

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Lipsticks - Matte for You!

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

We encourage creativity and self-love with our affordable matte liquid lipsticks, crafted for every skin tone. Our lipsticks are enriched with Macadamia Oil for smooth, nourished lips, Squalene for hydration, Evening Primrose Oil for enhanced elasticity, Caffeine for a tightened and brightened look, and Marula Oil for soothing moisture. Check out our website to see why our liquid lipsticks are unmatched in both price and performance.

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Gel Tints - Sheer me out!

Tint for Cheeks and Lips

Discover the Gel Tints from Shyr Beauty—they're perfect for giving your lips and cheeks a subtle, long-lasting glow.  Our tints, enriched with nourishing ingredients like mango butter and strawberry extract, come in beautiful shades that suit every skin tone and occasion. These tints are hydrating, and lightweight; they give a perfect finish without being sticky.

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Mink-False Eyelashes

Faux Mink-False Eyelashes

Shyr Beauty is dedicated to offering superior, affordable eyelashes that are professionally created that combine comfort and style. For every eye shape and preference, there are different styles available to create the perfect combination for every look, from dramatic to subtle. For eyelashes that celebrate self-determination, self-worth, and universal beauty, go with Shyr Beauty.

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Smudge Proof | Transfer Proof | Waterproof Makeup Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What does smudge proof lipstick mean?

Smudge-proof lipstick refers to a type of lipstick formulated to resist smudging, smearing, or transferring after application. This means that once the lipstick is applied and has set, it stays in place and maintains its appearance without easily rubbing off on cups, clothes, or skin. Smudge-proof lipsticks, like those offered by Shyr Beauty, are ideal for long-lasting wear, ensuring your lips look flawless throughout the day without frequent touch-ups.

Which lipstick lasts for 24 hours?

For a 24-hour lipstick, choose long-lasting or extended wear formulas, often in liquid form with a matte finish. These typically involve a two-step process with a base color and a sealing topcoat. Apply to clean, dry lips, let it set, and add the topcoat for smudge-proof, fade-resistant color that lasts all day and night.

What is waterproof makeup?

Waterproof makeup is formulated to withstand moisture, ensuring it stays put and doesn't smudge or run when exposed to water, sweat, or humidity. These products often contain ingredients that enhance their adherence to the skin, lashes, brows, and other areas where they are applied.

Is Liquid lipstick transfer proof?

Liquid lipstick is often formulated to be transfer-proof once it dries on the lips, minimizing the likelihood of color transferring onto other surfaces or smudging throughout the day.

How do you make liquid lipstick not transfer?

To prevent liquid lipstick from transferring, apply a thin, even layer on clean, dry lips and let it fully dry without touching your lips together. Consider using a lip primer or setting powder for added durability. Avoid oily lip products that can break down the formula.

What does mink mean in lashes?

In lashes, "mink" refers to eyelash extensions or falsies made from mink fur, valued for their natural appearance and soft texture.

How to use water lip tint?

To use a water lip tint, apply a thin layer evenly on clean, dry lips using the applicator. Work quickly as it dries fast. Let each layer dry before adding more for deeper color. Avoid excessive rubbing and use an oil-based remover to take it off.

Which type of lipstick is best for daily use?

For daily use, opt for a hydrating lipstick with a satin or creamy finish to keep lips moisturized. Choose shades close to your natural lip color for easy wear and versatility. Look for formulas enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter or Vitamin E for added lip care benefits.