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Tint for Cheeks and Lips

Find the best lip & cheek tints in India! Shop long-lasting & natural lip cheek tints for the perfect flush at amazing prices.

What is a Gel Tint?

As the name suggests, Gel tints are used to add a subtle color to your lips and cheeks that stays for a longer period of time. These gel lip and cheek tints are suitable for people who favor colors but are not that fond of lipsticks that feel heavy on the lips or shiny glosses! Tints give a more natural look and youthful appearance!

Its gel-like consistency makes it easy to blend and is buildable, lightweight, and very hydrating for the skin.

Shyr Beauty has launched Sheer Me Out- Lip and Cheek tint in two very beautiful shades that compliment your skin tone and the personality that you adorn. It is infused with nourishing ingredients like mango butter, strawberry extract, watermelon extract, squalene, and more!

Types of Gel Tints | Lip and Cheek Tints

Gel lip & cheek tint comes in a variety of formulations. Let’s dive into some common formulations available in the market:

  • Water-Based Gel Tints: They have a watery consistency that gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy! They are supremely lightweight and leave a natural flush of color that is buildable according to one’s choice! Check out Shyr Beauty's Sheer Me Out - Water Lip and Cheek tint - Manifest that is perfect for that Shyr (yes sheer!) and beautiful rosiness.
  • Gel-Cream Tints: They are a combination of moisturizing creamy texture and lightweight feel of gel. They are blendable and are more opaque than a water-based gel cheek and lip tint.
  • Stain Tints: If you are looking for an intense pigmented stain that stays for a longer period of time without smudging away, you should opt for lip stain tints. These color tints are thin in consistency and dry down to a pigmented stain.
  • Oil-Based Gel Tints: As clear from the name itself, this lip and cheek tint contains oil as an ingredient. They are more towards the glossier side and don’t look that natural. These color tints are perfect for those who like their lips and cheeks stained and glossy!

What Is Tint in Color?

The meaning of tint generally is a ‘shade’. Unlike traditional blushes and lipsticks that provide a coverage that is opaque, a ‘tint’ gives a sheer, natural-looking flush of color. A tint does not interfere with but enhances the existing complexion while the skin’s natural beauty shines through! 

The best part about the lip and cheek tint is that it is buildable according to one’s choice. From ‘barely there’ placement to more intense hues, these lip tints allow the experiments! Click here to check out Shyr Beauty’s water gel lip and cheek tints!

How Do I Use A Lip Tint?

A gel tint is a champ multitasker and can be used in multiple ways. Let’s check out how you should ideally use a lip tint in your makeup routine:

  • Prep your Lips and Cheeks: You should make sure that your lips and clean and moisturized before applying any makeup product on your lips. A pro tip is to exfoliate to remove any dead skin or dryness/ flakiness.
  • Apply the Tint: Lip tints can be used on lips and cheeks. Head further to know how to use it:
  • On Lips: Start by applying tint on the center of your lower lip and then move towards the corners, carefully around the edges. Then, press both of your lips together to transfer the excess product to the upper lip. Use the applicator and spread it evenly on the lips. If you feel that the pigmentation is less, you can also layer up according to your taste.
  • On Cheeks: To apply on the cheeks, you can use the dot method wherein you apply small dots on the apple of your cheeks and then blend them outwards towards the hairline. You can blend with your fingers or a makeup sponge but do it faster as the tints usually set fast and may leave stains in unwanted areas.
  • Blend it All the Way: To achieve a more flushed and natural look, take time to blend the tint seamlessly till you get the diffused finish!
  • Set, if required: You may also need to set your tint with a translucent powder, depending upon the formula! If needed, lightly dab the powder over the blended color tint to set it up for the day!

Buy the Best Lip & Cheek Tint Online in India from Shyr Beauty

The team at Shyr Beauty has worked its heart out to come up with a formulation of the Sheer Me Out water gel lip and cheek tint that is soft on the skin and does not poke a hole in your pocket at the same time. From the packaging to the feel it gives after application, everything is considered while manufacturing these tints!

We’re not boasting by any means but the water gel tint by Shyr Beauty is one of the best lip and cheek tints available in the market! The quality that we offer at such a price is truly unmatched! Grab one and check out yourself the magic we create!

Why Choose Lip Tint from Shyr Beauty?

You must be wondering what different quality Shyr Beauty offers in its lip and cheek tints that should drive you to pick one. Let us take you through the pros you will get:

  • It is hydrating for the skin and the stain does not dry out the cheeks or lips.
  • The tint stays for up to 10 hours which means 10 hours of looking naturally flushed with a subtle finish.
  • It is infused with rare ingredients like mango butter, strawberry, watermelon extracts, squalene, and much more! These ingredients are enriched with moisturizing and hydrating properties that keep your skin nourished and naturally plumped!

Whether you’re heading for an official meeting, meeting your friend for lunch, or going out with your partner for a date, this lip and cheek tint will keep your skin naturally and subtly popping up! Don’t miss out on this everyday essential.

Tint for Cheeks and Lips

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a gel tint?

A gel tint can be used as a light stain on lips and as a natural blush for your cheeks. For lips, prep them by exfoliating them softly, then moisturize them to avoid any dryness. Apply lip tint on the lower lip first working towards the outer edges. Press the lips together and then apply it on the upper lip too! For cheeks, apply some dots on the apple of the cheeks and then blend it fast and gently towards the hairline.

Is lip tint better than lipstick?

Choosing between tint and lipstick solely depends on preferences, taste, occasion, and other factors! Where lipstick may feel a little heavy, tint is very lightweight and hydrating. It can be used on the days when you don’t feel like wearing lipstick but still want some color and flush!

Which cheek tint is best?

There are multiple options available in the market. Sheer me out water gel lip and cheek tint by Shyr Beauty is a great option. It is natural flush packed in a bottle with best quality ingredients and affordable on the side too!

Which is better tint or blush?

It has been in discussion for a while now. Where blush is mostly used over full-fledged makeup, tints can be worn even with no base or foundation. Just a few dots on your cheeks with a little blending and there you go! Naturally flushed with a pop of color.

Which tint is best for Indian skin?

Water gel tint by Shyr Beauty is currently the best tint for Indian skin. The tint color compliments the Indian skin complexions and enhances them even more!

How to remove these lip and cheek tints?

Usually, the lip and cheek tint leaves a beautiful mild stain behind. To remove the excess tint, dab with a tissue or with a wet wipe that’s alcohol-free and safe for the skin.

Are these lip and cheek tints safe for daily wear?

Yes, our lip and cheek tints are infused with hydrating ingredients that are appropriate for daily wear on the skin. Just apply the tint and flaunt that glow daily!