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What is a Liquid Lipstick?

Since the time liquid lipsticks hit the floors, it has taken all the limelight! One swipe of that magical wand and you’re ready to take on the world.

Unlike traditional stick lipsticks, matte lipstick in liquid formula offers more pigmentation and stays on the lips for a longer period. While you may need to swipe the stick lipstick multiple times to get the desired pigment, liquid lipstick seals the deal under just one-step application! You may’ve seen creamy lipsticks leaving stains on the coffee mugs or smudging when the weather goes high. But, liquid lipsticks are transfer and smudge-proof and offer a high matte payoff.

We at Shyr Beauty offer a range of matte liquid lipstick shades that give you the freedom to choose what suits you the best! We have crafted these shades keeping in consideration the Indian skin tones and the formulation that is easy to carry! We understand that lipstick is that one makeup essential that can make or break your look completely, so take a tour of the website, explore the collection of matte lipsticks, and choose wisely!

Coming to the price, whilst many players in the market make numerous claims of skyrocketing prices, Shyr Beauty understood the assignment and has kept the most affordable matte liquid lipstick price in India.

How Do You Apply a Liquid Lipstick?

Want to put on a waterproof matte liquid lipstick but worrying about how to get that even and defined finish? Head further to know how you can become the master of carrying the perfect liquid matte lipstick:

  • Exfoliate it out: It is advisable to use a mild lip scrub to remove the dead cells and create an even base for the liquid lipstick to glide smoothly!
  • Moisturize Your Lips: Although the ingredients in liquid matte lipsticks by Shyr Beauty make sure to lock in that required moisture, it is always better to moisturize your lips in advance before applying your favorite matte liquid lipstick shade!
  • Keep it Clean: Outline your lips with a lip liner to prevent your liquid lipstick from bleeding or smudging out onto the area surrounding your lip! A pro tip is to use a shade that fusions with the shade of your matte lipstick and does not interfere with the lipstick’s texture.
  • Apply your Shade: Start by applying your liquid lipstick at the center of your bottom lip, gradually moving towards the corners. Be careful along the edge of the bottom lip. Now, lightly press your top and bottom lip together to transfer the excess color there is on the bottom lip. Then, take your applicator and line your cupid’s bow working outward.
  • Pro tips: You may also use concealers or light foundation on your lips to prepare a plain canvas that highlights the lipstick shade even more! Also, if your liquid lipstick bleeds a little, you can use a concealer to correct it!

Which is the Best Liquid Matte Lipstick for You?

When it comes to deciding and picking out that one liquid lipstick that matches your personality, and is flattering at the same time, there are multiple factors to take care of:

Personal Choice: It is all about preferences!! One who owns a bold personality may choose bolder and deeper colors while one with a softer one may opt for shades that are light and towards a muted tone! Also, the waterproof liquid lipstick price may also differ from shade to shade! Did we mention that Shyr Beauty is selling its matte lipstick for sale online? Go grab’em!

Type of Formulation: If you’re someone who likes creamy textures, opt for one that does not dry out much. But in case you like that matte finish, you can choose Shyr Beauty liquid matte lipsticks! They come in a variety of shades, curated to blend with your style!

The occasion of wearing: If you’re heading for a formal meeting, it’s always better to wear a long lasting waterproof matte lipstick that stays for a long period of time (no retouching!!). Explore the matte liquid lipstick price offered by Shyr Beauty and amaze yourself with the ultimate options of matte lipsticks!

Price Factor: No one can deny the fact that prices affect what we pick! While liquid lipstick prices are skyrocketing without any reason, Shyr Beauty is putting its best lipsticks for sale online! Without compromising the quality, we make sure that everyone has their favorite lip shade in their pockets!

How Long Does a Liquid Lipstick Last?

Liquid lipsticks have become insanely popular due to their intense color payoff and power of not smudging every time you take a few sips of coffee or grab a bite or two! But only applying long lasting waterproof matte lipstick does not guarantee that it will stay put. You will have to take some extra steps including staying hydrated and exfoliating your lips regularly.

If you apply any great quality waterproof lipstick and take good care of your lips as mentioned, your liquid lipstick may stay intact for even over 12 hours! What more does a makeup lover need?

Why Buy Liquid Lipstick From Shyr Beauty?

Shyr Beauty is here to encourage creativity and self-love and have crafted the best matte liquid lipstick shades for every skin tone while keeping affordability in mind. Don’t you believe us? Check out our website and see for yourself that we offer the best liquid lipstick price!

Wondering what makes us different? Our lipsticks are infused with ingredients that are enriched with qualities that are hard to match:

  1. Macadamia Oil- It’s the nutty nectar for those luscious lips! It Smoothens and nourishes the lips and keeps them hydrated for a longer period of time.
  2. Squalene- This nature’s gift locks in silky hydration!
  3. Evening Primrose Oil- This rare extract enhances the elasticity of skin!
  4. Caffeine- When applied topically, it is proven to tighten and brighten the skin!
  5. Marula Oil- Infuses moisture and soothes dry or aging skin!

And No, we’re not boasting, just stating the facts. (wink!!)

Further, given the quality that we offer, we make sure that we do not poke a hole in your pocket! Currently, we have our liquid lipstick for sale online! Click here to know more!

Water Proof Lipstick

Frequently Asked Questions

Which liquid lipstick is best?

The answer to this question largely depends on one’s needs and preferences! Lipstick that caters to factors including being long-lasting, smudge-free, and waterproof can be considered as the best. Shyr Beauty offers various matte liquid lipstick shades In India for every skin tone!

Which lipstick is best for daily use?

Choose a lipstick that compliments your skin tone and is long lasting! Lipstick comes in varieties like matte, satin, creamy, glossy, tints, etc. Pick one according to your taste and the occasion you’re wearing it for!

Is liquid lipstick good for your lips?

It is a notion that liquid lipstick dries the lips and the traditional stick lipstick is better but, it all depends upon the ingredients being used in the formulation. Shyr Beauty understands the concern and has formulated lipsticks that may become your ultimate favorite!

Is liquid or Stick lipstick better?

The choice between liquid or stick lipstick highly depends on the required finish and other preferences. Liquid Lipstick is more pigmented and longer lasting while a stick lipstick is more traditional. Choose what works best for you!

Do liquid lipsticks dry lips?

While most liquid lipsticks are potentially drying in nature, Shyr Beauty matte lipstick is packed with ingredients that hydrate the lips and lock in the required moisture that prevents lips from drying!

How do you apply liquid lipstick?

Start with exfoliating your lips and then apply a moisturizing lip balm. Then apply liquid lipstick first on the bottom lip and then the upper lip, carefully lining the lips. You may also use a lip liner.

Does liquid lipstick darken lips?

Some formulations standing in the market may leave a temporary stain on your lips which contributes to a darker appearance. However, if good quality ingredients are used in the formulation, the liquid lipstick should not darken your lips.

Can we use liquid lipstick daily?

Yes! You can use a good quality liquid lipstick daily. Just make sure that it is filled with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that do not dry out your lips from daily usage. Moreover, always cleanse your lips at the end of the day to avoid any irritation.

What are the disadvantages of liquid lipstick?

Liquid lipstick can be drying and is not suitable for people who like a satin and creamy finish since liquid lipstick generally provides a matte finish.

Can I put water on liquid lipstick?

If your liquid matte lipstick is claimed to be waterproof, go ahead and drink as much water as you want. But if it does not, it is not advisable to put water on liquid lipstick as often as it may cause to it smudge and even fade.

Which lipstick is best for lips?

The popular options in the market include matte, satin, creamy finish, etc. Choose the one that compliments your skin and your suitable and desired finish.

Which Lipstick is best for long lasting and waterproof?

If you are looking for long lasting waterproof matte lipstick, Shyr Matte For You- liquid lipsticks is the best option available. Also, the liquid lipstick price is so affordable, that you’ll want to stock up on every shade!

How do you remove waterproof liquid lipstick?

The best way to remove waterproof lipstick is to use an oil-based makeup remover, gently press & hold it for a few seconds, and then wipe it away! Remember to cleanse and moisturize!