Top 10 Lipsticks Shades to Rock This Summer!

Top 10 Lipsticks Shades to Rock This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold and vibrant lipstick shades. Whether you’re hitting the beach, going out with friends, or simply enjoying the warm weather, Shyr Beauty's liquid matte lipsticks have got you covered. Our range offers stunning shades that not only enhance your natural beauty but also provide long-lasting, smudge-proof wear. Here are the top 10 shades to rock this summer:

  1. I’m Capable: The Perfect Brown Shade for Indian skin tones! Flaunt your inner glam goddess with every application and affirm that you’re capable!
  2. I’m Strong: This Dark Brown Shade stays put from AM to PM without smudging. The one-stroke pigment is so intense that one swipe seals the deal.
  3. I’m Grateful: It is a Dusty Rose Shade with hints of mauve that compliments light to medium skin tones. Glide it on for a pop of personality that lasts all day!
  4. I’m Radiant: It is a Peachy Pink Shade that lets you unleash your bold side with utter radiance! Our formula? Ultra-creamy and highly pigmented that won’t move a bit!
  5. I’m Loved: It is the Perfect Nude Lipstick with a formula that won’t budge! Get ready to pout, pose, and party.
  6. I’m Cherished: It is a Berry Pink Lipstick Shade that compliments every Indian complexion! Our formula is ultra creamy and packed with high pigment!
  7. I’m Worthy: It is a Nude that’s designed for every day and contains a formula that feels velvet on your lips. Paint the town with a color that pops and defines an attitude that won’t quit!
  8. I’m Enough: It is a daring Red Shade with a blue undertone that defines your fierceness and boldness! A vibrant shade that stays put all day with almost no touch-ups needed!
  9. I’m Confident: It is a Subtle Skinny Shade that’s your go-to for all-day sass and flair! The formula is featherlight and the color won’t budge no matter what the day throws at you! Stay confident! Stay Fabulous!
  10. I’m Lucky: It is a Vibrant Magenta Pink that screams boldness and is everything you need to make a statement! It stays from your morning coffee to your midnight dance floor adventures. Swipe and redefine chic your own way!

    Each of these shades from Shyr Beauty's liquid matte lipstick collection is designed to empower you and celebrate your unique beauty. Our lipsticks colors are not only rich but also provide long-lasting wear without smudging or fading. So, go ahead and pick your favorite shades to rock this summer and make every moment unforgettable.

    For more details on our lip shades for fair skin and to explore our full collection, visit Shyr Beauty Best Matte Liquid Lipsticks collection page. Embrace the summer with confidence and style, and let your lips do the talking!

    Tips for Applying Liquid Matte Lipstick

    To get the most out of your Shyr Beauty liquid matte lipsticks, follow these application tips:

    1. Exfoliate Your Lips: Start with a smooth canvas by exfoliating your lips. This helps remove dead skin cells and ensures a flawless application.
    2. Moisturize: Apply a hydrating lip balm before your lipstick. This keeps your lips from drying out and helps the lipstick smooth.
    3. Use a Lip Liner: For a more defined look, outline your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. This also helps prevent feathering.
    4. Apply Evenly: Use the applicator to apply the lipstick evenly across your lips. Start from the center and move outward, ensuring full coverage.
    5. Let It Set: Give the lipstick a few moments to set for a long-lasting, smudge-proof finish.
    6. Blot and Layer: For a more intense color, blot your lips with a tissue and apply a second layer.


    Top shades of liquid matte lipstick in India?

    Shyr Beauty has an amazing selection of liquid matte lipstick tones that suit every mood and style, making it one of the best brands in India. We have the ideal alternatives for a vibrant style, while romantic, soft tones lend a delicate touch. Bold colors create a stunning impact, timeless designs highlight natural beauty, elegant and regal tints convey sophistication, and joyful, whimsical tones add a fun touch. Rich pigmentation and extended wear are features that make Shyr Beauty the best option for liquid matte lipsticks.

    Is liquid lipstick waterproof?

    Yes, many liquid lipsticks are formulated to be waterproof. These lipsticks are designed to resist smudging, fading, and transferring, ensuring that your lip color stays vibrant and intact even through eating, drinking, and exposure to water. Waterproof liquid lipsticks provide long-lasting wear and are ideal for occasions where you need your makeup to stay put all day.

    Which shade of lipstick is the most in demand?

    According to the survey, 56% of the women want lipstick in plum or dark red, 54% want true cherry red, 47% choose pink-based red, 46% want brick or rust-colored red, 39% want blue-based red, and 30% want orange-based red.

    Which lipstick hue works best?

    You can go with pink, red, or nude colors if you have fair skin. You can go for a berry, cherry, or pink tint if your skin tone is medium. In a similar vein, you should only wear deep pink, red, and other colors with the exception of brown tones if you have a tan or deep skin tone.

    Which shade of lipstick is the most appealing?

    Studies show that red lips are attractive to everyone, maybe because they are associated with feelings of  excitement. Beautiful ladies were thought to be much more stunning when dressed in bright red.

    Which shade of lipstick looks the best natural?

    Rich browns, earthy reds, vivid oranges, and warm corals are some of the lipstick colours that go well with warm undertones. These tones bring out your skin's inherent warmth. Regarding Calm Undertones: Skin tones that are pink, red, or blue-toned indicate cool undertones.

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